The Relationship Between Blogging & Digital Marketing

Posted by Netmatters
15th July 2015

What has Blogging got to do with Digital Marketing?

Blogs and digital marketing may seem a world apart to you right now, however the two have more in common than you might think. Businesses will often run blog’s to educate their consumers, however most of the time they are simply exploring another method of digital marketing. Blogs offer many opportunities to a business and it sends out a message about a brand.

Blogs give businesses the opportunity to become “human” and allow consumers to engage in conversation with the brand. Blogging opens up hundreds of opportunities such as improving your customer service for example. Customer service is a huge part of a business, and can sometimes make or break a business. Customer service is so fundamental because it will assist you to retain customers, and with a blog you can interact with your customers on a 1 to 1 basis. Answer FAQ’s and do a live stream on your blog where your followers can ask you questions about your brand. Interact with your customers as much as possible and you will find that your brand will become more established in your market due to how good the customer service is.

Running a blog also gives you a chance to build your creditability and establish yourself as an industry expert. If you can accredit your brand with a blog and become established within a market then you will find your brand has much more weight to it than it used to. Posting valuable, unbiased content and information on your company blog can assist this, and this can make customers feel more comfortable when dealing with, and purchasing from your business.

Running a blog also allows you to promote your own products on your blog, and you can redirect a lot of blog traffic to your main site. A good way to do this is by offering a coupon or a voucher code on your blog for those that follow you, and it makes your blog more valuable for your followers. Driving more traffic to your website will result in more sales, and those that come from your blog are more likely to convert into a sale. Overall just make sure that your followers benefit from reading your blog.

With all of those things in mind your blog can not only make money from redirecting and the such, but the actual blog itself can make money by advertising programs such as Google AdSense. This will give you another stream of income that will only get bigger and bigger as your blog following grows. When doing this you must be careful, you want your blog to appear as human and as customer orientated as possible, and if customers see that it is to blatantly advertise your own brand and to make advert revenue then your blog will be considered a “Sell-out”. 

How do you run a successful blog?

Running a successful blog is not as easy as it seems, and you will really have to do a lot of thinking in order to fully appeal to those who you want to, and it is difficult to do this because everyone is different. There are however a couple of things that are mandatory for a successful blog, and although painfully obvious you would be surprised how much it gets overlooked by companies that just want to drive more sales through a blog. To have a popular blog you absolutely must:

  • Post unique, valuable content – to run a good blog you have to post content that is original. Do not repost what other people have said, or simply post generic posts that are vaguely within your market, there are thousands of blogs like this and to be successful you have to stand out.
  • Post regularly – when you create a blog you are creating a source of information for those interested in your market. You have to post regularly and often if you want to keep growing. Schedule posts, and create posts ahead of time to ensure that you do not fall behind.
  • Have your own voice – when you are posting on your blog you should keep the tone of all the posts the same, but be unique also. Having this sort of consistency will bode well for the blog, and if people begin to like the tone, voice and attitude of someone posting on your blog be sure to stick to that person. People like consistency. Remember you don’t need to be a brilliant, university level English writing student all you need to do is be relatable and give your audience strong, unique content. 

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