The Internet of Things; Marketing Will Change.

Posted by Netmatters
4th February 2016

In recent years the number of devices connected to the internet has risen drastically at a rate we would not have possibly predicted. This has already changed the way that we market our products and services massively, but there’s more on the horizon. Much more. The internet of things is about to change everything as we know it, and here’s how.

Marketing Intimacy

Marketing has already made leaps and bounds towards becoming more personal and intimate, but the internet of things represents the ability to interact on a level of relevancy that has never been seen before. The household devices we use on daily basis for example, these are all things that will surely (at some point) become connected to the internet. We have already seen the first “smart fridge” which, although sounding like a ridiculous product, is actually functional and useful.

It allows you to see what you have in the fridge, and what you don’t. Allows you to see the expiry dates of your foods, set reminders to get certain foods from the shop and much more. Imagine, a fridge that knows what you like, see’s you’re missing your favourite meal and then pulls up a 25% up discount voucher for a nearby store. If you are that store, this kind of product is a massive advancement.

This can apply to any product, car’s will be connected to the internet, washing machines will be connected to the internet, maybe even your house will be connected to the internet, with the help of a personal assistant similar to that of Siri or Google Now. Everything will be interactive, and that means that we can interact with consumers on a personal level anytime, anywhere.

Data Collection

The internet of things represents a way to get a massive amount of data on our consumers quickly, cheaply and effectively. With the internet of things, we will know exactly what our consumers like, know their interests and more importantly will know how to appeal to them. We will be closer to consumers than ever before, and the opportunity for us to display products that consumers need, exactly when they need will be massive. Insight driven marketing will become the new big thing, and we will be more connected than ever before. 

Data will also be real time, so we will need to develop our skills in terms of reacting instantly to changes and new data. Customer service will become more efficient than ever, and we will be able to improve the customer life cycle with ease as more and more technology get's connected to the internet. We will be able to address issues without the customer even knowing that they existed with the increased amount of data we are fed. 

What Does It Mean For Your Business

The internet of things is a massive opportunity for you to become closer to your customers than ever before. If you want to grow your digital presence then it's important that you stay up to date with the internet of things, as it is the future of marketing. Your business has the potential to grow massively in line with the internet of things, so don't miss out. 

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