The Importance of Email Marketing Personalisation

Posted by Netmatters
19th July 2015

What is email marketing personalisation?

Email marketing is a complicated and sophisticated trade, and every single time that you send out an email campaign there should be a lot of automated processes that go on before it sends. Personalised content has been a thing for years, and it addresses the obvious issue of marketing emails being sent to thousands of people at a time. If all of the emails were sent out with no personalisation then it is likely that everyone would receive it and ignore the email, due to the fact that it is so generic and is obviously blatant, unstructured advertisements.

Nowadays this simply is not a problem. Thousands of emails get sent out, and thousands of emails are personalised specifically to every single person that receives it. This isn’t done by a person; this is done by a piece of software and a database that has information about you on it. The database will recognise your email, and will search its contents for your email. In here it will have some information about you, like your first name, title, and maybe some other details, and software will execute a command that automatically inputs that data into the email in the correct places before it is sent. This is referred to in general as digital marketing automation.

This is something that nearly every company does now, or at least those ones who send out emails to a lot of its customers do. What it offers is a tailored experience to the customer, they see that the email is addressed to them and it creates a sense of humanisation. When you do this the customer who reads the email subconsciously trusts your brand more so than they would have if it was addressed generically.

What can it do for my email campaign?

Personalisation is a key and in a world where consumers are always looking for as much engagement possible it is almost essential. If you are running an email campaign and you are not using a method of personalisation then you are missing out on one of the aspects that makes marketing so great; that thing being psychology. Personalisation is one of the things that really take advantage of how the human thought process works. People like to feel like the attention is on them, and that the time has been taken to address something to them in particular. If you address an email generically with hello madam/sir, and then use a personalised email as a control and send both to a list of your customers, half being sent to each, you are guaranteed to see the personalised email perform drastically better in terms of both open rate and conversion rate.

This is a great way to drastically drive the way that your customers interact with your brand, with conclusive research showing that personalisation more than doubles customer interactions with emails. This will do nothing but hugely boost your brands image; it almost looks amateur to not use a system like this. It has become the normal and consumers have come to expect it.

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