Social Reputation Management

Posted by Netmatters
30th July 2015

Why is Reputation so Important?

Reputation for a business is everything. If your business has a good reputation then that shows how well your business operates and your main goal from the second you begin marketing your business is to gain a 5 star reputation. Overall what consumers want to see from a business is the proof that they are making the best choice by purchasing a particular product. If your business has bad reviews, and then these negative reviews are found by potential customers, it is going to drive them away quicker than wild fire.

How do I get Good Reviews?

Here is the thing; you only get good reviews by being a good company. If you are selling a service or a product that is great, but your customer service is awful then you are going to get bad reviews, and if it is the other way around it will be the same also. To get 5 star reviews you need to excel at everything, and if you are getting bad reviews do not try and cover them up and pretend they don’t exist, instead learn from them.

When you are attempting to create a good image on the internet for your business, you should try your hardest to cater for your consumers’ needs on a very personal level. Overall the more personal you can make your service; the more beneficial it is for your business in terms of customer satisfaction

If a lot of your bad reviews are following a pattern then it clearly shows there is room for improvement within your business. Improve on this, try and address these issues then get into contact with those who have given these bad reviews and try to appeal to them. Remember also that most customers that believe your service is satisfactory will not even leave a review; it is normally only those that are disgruntled or incredibly pleased with your service that leave reviews. This is part of the problem, if 90% of people are very pleased with your service but don’t leave any reviews, and that other 10% leave horrible reviews then it really damages your brands reputation.

A good way to get good reviews is to have good customer service. If you reply to your customers quickly, have a polite attitude when speaking to them on the phone or in person and address their issues as quickly as possible then you will find that your reviews will sky rocket. If a consumer receives one of your products and it is DOA for example (Dead-On-Arrival) but then get a first class service on the phone and a replacement sent straight away then you will find that this customer is still likely to leave a positive review.

What are the Benefits of having a Good Reputation?

If your company has a lot of very good reviews then you can start selling your products or services as a premium. Consumers really believe that you get what you pay for, and if a consumer asks the question “why would I chose your company and not someone else’s?” then you can let your past customers speak for you.

Does your company have all 5 star reviews? Leverage it, use it and don’t let it go to waste. You worked hard to get those reviews and you tried your hardest to get your company to the high standard it is at now, and it gives you pricing power over your competitors. That said simply because your company has good reviews, and an outstanding reputation it does in no way mean you can overcharge to the point where your product no longer represents value, this will drive away all that custom you worked for. There is a sweet spot where you can meet value and premium, and this is the spot you should aim for.

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