Setting Up Google Analytics Tracking

Posted by Netmatters
18th July 2015

What is analytics tracking?

Analytics tracking is a vital part of business management if you sell products or services on your website. If your website is a one stop home for all of your products and is a strong point of focus for your brand then you absolutely need to be tracking the analytics of your site. Analytics services like Google's allow you to measure a plethora of data about the traffic that your site achieves, and this sort of information is fundamental when trying to improve any element of your site.

Google Analytics allows you to see nearly everything about your websites traffic and effectiveness, from the bounce rate of your site, to the total traffic, to the conversion rates of that traffic. If there is a statistic that you would like to see about your site then you can be almost sure that it is on Google Analytics just waiting to make you informed about the performance of your brands online presence.

If you haven’t used analytics before then it can be a daunting thought, and it may take some getting used to but ultimately you should be able to get the knack of it relatively quickly. Once you know the basics then you will find that the advanced aspects will come to you, in time that is. If you can get to a stage where you can analyse what it is telling you, then apply this into a real world situation and understand the reasons behind each piece of data then you are already on your way to understanding your brands online effectiveness and this is where analytics gets helpful.

How do I set up analytics on my site?

To set up analytics on your site all you need to is copy and paste a short snippet of JavaScript code into your pages HTML code, note that it must be within the head of your page. After this you need to input your web property ID and you’re done, for the basic tracking. This snippet of code can be found here. Also note that when you do this, everything is case sensitive so ensure that you don’t change the cases of any letters after you copy and paste the code.

After this you’re done, you’ve set up Google Analytics on your site. This can be updated and you can set your code to do more than just the basic tracking, click here for a list of all of the methods.

Why should I use it?

Analytics being implemented on your site is a huge tactical advantage, and once you have set it up you will never go back. With analytics you can monitor how effective your marketing campaign is in detail, and this allows you to make adjustments based on purely on statistics and what you know rather than what you think. Analytics also allows you to gauge the effectiveness of each of your marketing avenues, and in turn will allow you to budget your digital marketing spend more appropriately. This can be done more effectively by taking advantage of the attribution modelling within Google Analytics, which will tell you how much each touch point that a user visits is worth in relation to final conversions and goal achievements.

Analytics will give you a look into your company from the eyes of a customer, and it really does allow you to relate to a customer’s experience with your brand. Knowing what a customer sees in your brand allows you to also see what a customer would like to see improved about your brand. Possibly one of the best things about analytics is the fact that it allows you to change something about your page and then in real time monitor the effect this is having on the behaviour of the traffic on your site. You get to see if the traffic is spending more time on your site now, whether the bounce rate is lowered, if more of the traffic converts into common goals and much more, all for free.

Finally analytics is a great way to meet your business goals, and allows you to determine whether you meet those goals. All brands that are well established drive awareness, engagement and loyalty use analytics to observe whether their current platform meets the needs of its customers. 

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