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8th April 2016

McTear Williams & Wood is a UK Regional leader when it comes to business rescue and insolvency practices. They can pick up the pieces after a formal insolvency but they prefer to step in earlier and do their best to achieve positive outcomes like a business rescue, a turnaround or a restructuring. They needed from us a site that reflected all the personal and professional aspects of their business, one that demonstrated their extensive knowledge in their field but one that also showed their more personal approach.

The site was to be rebuilt from the ground up, with the purpose of installing the principles of McTear Williams & Wood deep into the website so that visitors could see the professional yet personal nature of the company straight away.The website went through several concept stages, working closely with McTear Williams & Wood we designed and created concepts of a site that would convey everything great about McTear Williams & Wood, straight away.

Work began on the site and once finished, McTear Williams & Wood had a beautiful, easy to navigate and clear site. Displaying the services provided and providing quick, at a glance information and contact information. All, with beautifully designed fonts, images, and layouts.

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