Is Twitter an effective marketing tool?

Posted by Netmatters
29th September 2015

With the ever-evolving social media space that we experience in today’s age, it can be difficult to identify which social networks are the most effective for marketing campaigns. 

Each social network has a varying demographics in the people that use it, and this combined with the way it allows the management of its advertising campaigns are what dictate how effective it would be for your specific business campaign.

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Here are the demographics of Twitters user base that are up to date at the time of this articles creation:

How do Twitter's demographics allow for better marketing decisions?
Twitter has a large base of users that are very young, so quickly we can come to the conclusion that if you are marketing a product that is aimed at a much older age group, Twitter might not be as effective as some of the other mediums available. On the flip side of course, if you are marketing a product towards a younger audience, then Twitter has the potential to be a highly valuable marketing tool. Also with Twitter, tweets can become viral very quickly and if your tweet gets a lot of retweets then you are looking at massive amounts of brand exposure, something that some of the other social networks simply cannot provide. 
This is one of Twitters key points, but there are also a few things for you to remember here. Twitter users will only interact with your tweet if they find it interesting, compelling or if they genuinely want the product that you are advertising. This can be a massive turn off for companies that are aiming at a niche market, but there are still a few different techniques that you can use to gain interaction with the Twitter user base. For example, if you represent a company that aims at a niche market you could do a giveaway, a donation, an entertaining public campaign and a viral type campaign which, due to Twitter's expansive nature, can blow up instantly and have huge positive effects for your brand. 
Twitter does allow for specific targeting of certain groups which can be useful, if your product could be better marketed to college graduates, for example, you can target this group of users. Twitter has a few different groups of demographics that you can target, including incomes in a certain range, the age of the user, professionals, business decision-makers and more. This eliminates the fear for niche market products who are worried that their product will not appeal to the main group of Twitter users, allowing for the costs of campaigns to be better optimised for maximum ROI.
What does Twitter do better than the other social networks?
Twitter has a few things that it does better than other social networks. For example, engagement is something that Twitter excels at, and if your campaign goes viral then you will benefit from a huge wave of customer interaction and engagement. With the viral sort of campaign, you can get your campaign seen by literally millions, which is massively beneficial for your brand visibility. Twitter also offers you a great ability to personally interact with your consumers, and this can raise brand loyalty and likability. Twitter does this a lot better than the other social networks, and you can interact with anyone on Twitter, regardless if they follow your profile or not.
Twitter also allows you to actively follow any mentions of a brand that are made. The advanced search function on Twitter allows you to monitor any mentions of not only your Twitter handle, but allows you to monitor your URL, name, any misspellings and more. This allows you to, for example, focus on a particular product or service you provide, not only general tweets about your brand. This empowers your ability to better connect with your consumers.
Is Twitter worth it?
Twitter is the best social network that drives interaction, and Twitter is the best medium that lets you broadcast your updates across the web to users that may not even have heard of your brand. Twitter revolves around good communication and dialogue, so you may find that Twitter may well be the most effective social network, as long as you interact regularly with your consumers. Twitter takes time to build a following up on, but once you have built that following it grants you a level of social power that is difficult to achieve. You can become a thought leader in your industry on Twitter alone by posting relevant content regularly, which is a huge bonus.
Twitter can be a love-hate relationship, and at times you may find yourself pulling your hair out at how difficult it is to stay on top of your customer interactions. Twitter is only a good medium if you stay very active, so to use it as an effective medium you may need to have a dedicated social media team to stay on top of everything.  

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