​Is Pinterest an effective marketing tool?

Posted by Netmatters
6th September 2015

With the ever evolving social media space that we experience in today’s age, it can be difficult to identify which social networks are the most effective for marketing campaigns. Each social network has a varying demographic in the people that use it, and this combined with the way it allows the management of its advertising campaigns are what dictate how effective it would be for your specific business campaign.

Here are the demographics for Pinterest that are up to date as of the time of this article:

How do Pinterest's demographics allow for better marketing decisions?

Pinterest is an example of a social network that has some very definitive sway in the ratio of male to female users. In a study done by Engauge (done in 2012) 83% of its users were female, and using today’s demographics you can quickly see that this trait has carried through the years. Pinterest’s high level of female users could act as a deterrent to certain businesses, however there are a wide range of topics of interest throughout the site, and it would be incorrect to judge its possible effectiveness for your business without at least signing up, even for a personal account, and browsing what other brands are using it that are in your niche.

Pinterest’s male user base does however have different common interests to that of its female counterpart, and simply because there are more females than males does not mean that if you are a business that only appeals to males that you have to target the female audience. Also it is worth noting that more than half of Pinterest’s users make more than 50,000 a year, and have a high level of education. This statistic should go to show you that there is a lot of relative affluence among Pinterest’s wide and varied user base.

Pinterest now also allows for its sponsored pins campaigns to be targeted to a certain interest, for example general fitness or outdoor lifestyle. This could end up being hugely valuable to certain businesses, and if your business falls into one of the categories that dominates Pinterest then you may find a huge amount of engagement and interaction from your target audience. You can also research what your “typical” target consumer is interested in and is repining, which should empower you to become more relevant and interesting to your target audience.

What does Pinterest do better than other social networks?

Pinterest is a great way to get your creative visual content seen by the masses, and Pinterest is an image-centric social network that thrives on creativity and aesthetics. This makes Pinterest a compelling social medium for retailers, creators and such, with attractive visuals converting into interaction and engagement. Pinterest’s users in general use Pinterest as a medium to discover new brands and products much more than other social networks (apart from LinkedIn), and Pinterest users are much more likely to follow a brand than a celebrity.

Pinterest users also have a habit of using it as a way to keep up with multiple trends, keep up with brands they associate themselves with, and to get special offers from those that they follow and pin. Also Pinterest has been, in general, retaining up to 300% more efficiently than Twitter was at the time it was at a similar stage to what Pinterest is now.

Pinterest is also one of those social networks where you can never post too much content. With other social networks posting too much content can be a big turn off for some, but with Pinterest it’s different, with posting lots of content being good as long as it is organised properly. If you organise your content logically, and get creative with the way you name your boards and such you can get a lot of interest from a multitude of consumers.

Is Pinterest worth it?

Pinterest is a rather unique social network, and it has many uses. The view that it is not an effective social network for businesses is rather widely shared, but Pinterest has its values no matter what your businesses goals and values are. There are a lot of different interests on Pinterest, and if you have the ability to create visually unique pleasing content and don’t use Pinterest then you are essentially cheating yourself out of one of the more effective social mediums out there.

Pinterest allows you to build your brand visibility, as well as letting you connect to your consumers on a more personal level than a lot of the other social networks out there. Due to the fact that such a large number of its users use it to discover new trends and products makes it a valuable stream to form new leads alone. Pinterest is unique, and it’s the social network of the next generation. It’s focus on imagery and aesthetics allow you to appeal to a large audience no matter what your business does, as long as you create appealing images and media. 

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