Is LinkedIn an Effective Marketing Tool?

Posted by Netmatters
10th September 2015

With the ever evolving social media space that we experience in today’s age, it can be difficult to identify which social networks are the most effective for marketing campaigns. Each social network has a varying demographic in the people that use it, and this combined with the way it allows the management of its advertising campaigns are what dictate how effective it would be for your specific business campaign.

Here are the demographics for LinkedIn that are up to date as of the time of this article

How do LinkedIn’s demographics allow for better marketing decisions?

LinkedIn is a social network that not only thinks about businesses, but actually focuses on business as its core foundation. Relevance is the most important factor to any marketing campaign, and for B2B it simply cannot get any more relevant than LinkedIn. Businesses have been yearning for a social network like LinkedIn for years, and it offers far more than meets the eye. It is also not only what it offers, but it is who is using it that makes it such a valuable marketing resource; the decision makers.

LinkedIn is noticeably populated by the people who run the businesses, and this makes it the most influential social network out there. You can reach hundreds of thousands of chairmen, CEO’s, and Managers as a B2B provider you can get the exact people you want seeing your marketing campaign. This is hugely beneficial, and the decision makers are the ones that you need to convince into forming a business relationship with yourself.

For businesses that are looking to build relationships with other businesses this is incredibly useful, but what about for those that are in the B2C market? Well LinkedIn focuses heavily on the B2B space. This said, if you are in the B2C market there are a few things that you can use to your advantage in the LinkedIn space, and one of these is the amount of professional consumers on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s own study showed that its own users were more receptive to B2C marketing than other social networks users, as well as being prepared to spend more than the average consumer.

What does LinkedIn do better than other social networks?

LinkedIn does a few things better than the other social networks, and as mentioned above one of those things is having a huge exposure to professional consumers. This translates into LinkedIn being a much better B2C marketing resource for luxurious products, and LinkedIn users are in general more prone to being attracted to marketing from automotive, travel and retail markets. Also for B2B markets, there is an obvious abundance of high quality leads just sitting there, waiting to be exposed to your brand to form a relationship.

The way that you manage your campaigns on LinkedIn allows for some incredibly specific and precise B2B targeting, by job title, function, industry, company size, role and more. Your LinkedIn campaign can take also take different forms, whether you want a standard text and image advert, a Video advert or even a text only advert. You can also manage the spending of your campaign very accurately too, with daily maximum spends and the option to pay per click or per 1000 impressions. What this means is, you can try out LinkedIn’s marketing system and, if it doesn’t work out for you and generate the mass of leads that is common with a LinkedIn campaign then you can simply cancel, no commitments made.

Analytics for your LinkedIn campaign.

Analytics is something that every advertising campaign needs, and of course LinkedIn’s solution is no different. LinkedIn’s advertising campaign is easy to set up with Google Analytics, just add the appropriate UTM parameters and you’re good to go. This will allow you to track the engagement statistics of those visiting the site from LinkedIn, which will allow you to quickly determine the quality of the traffic coming in from your campaign.

Of course, like every single advertising medium, the final click is what is most significant, and the traffic from your campaign could be coming onto your site and clicking around for hours but if it isn’t converting then it is a waste of your money. You can track this with Google Analytics, and this empowers you to see how effective your website is at drawing its visitors in to completing a common goal. Tracking your campaigns allows you to measure the ROI (return on investment) for your campaign, which allows you to measure whether or not your campaign is actually worth the money that you are putting into it.

Is LinkedIn worth it?

LinkedIn is one of the social networks that you cannot afford not to use. It offers a plethora of advantages over the other social networks, and you can reach a much more engaging, relevant audience depending on your business goals. LinkedIn is much better at building leads than any other social network, and the professional consumers that use it are a huge driving factor for its use as a marketing tool.

LinkedIn also allows you to become an industry thought leader in your niche, which is priceless for building up your brand authority. You can reach like-minded professionals that are interested in your posts easily, and there are masses of professionals in a plethora of different trades that use LinkedIn, so whatever your company’s products or services you can be sure that there is a relevant audience just waiting to engage with your brand on LinkedIn. 

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