​Is Facebook an effective marketing tool?

Posted by Netmatters
14th September 2015

With the ever evolving social media space that we experience in today’s age, it can be difficult to identify which social networks are the most effective for marketing campaigns. Each social network has a varying demographic in the people that use it, and this combined with the way it allows the management of its advertising campaigns are what dictate how effective it would be for your specific business campaign.

Here are the demographics of Facebook’s user base that are up to date as of the time of this articles creation.

How do Facebook's demographics allow for better marketing decisions?

While we can look at this information and understand what it means, sometimes understanding exactly what this translates to in its relation to its effectiveness as a marketing platform can be difficult. We can, however, make informed predictions at what it might mean in terms of user interest for example. A quick prediction that could be made from this data could be, for example, that due to Facebook users having a high population of users with a high level of education, and a high income that it would be effective at marketing flagship products such as smartphones or tablets.

That, of course, is a very, very blind prediction. Facebook’s demographics are actually the most evenly distributed of any social platform out there, so realistically Facebook holds value for any business. This however is where the nature of Facebook’s advertising tool comes in, which allows you to target specific demographics of your choosing. In a basic statement what this means is even if your products may fall out of the range of general demographics, you can still target the right people.

That brings us onto the most crucial point, targeting. You can have the best social marketing strategy, and campaign, but if you’re targeting the wrong people then it’s all going to waste. To put this into perspective, you could be selling the trendiest, best value for money female clothes in the entire world, with an attention grabbing campaign to accompany that but if you are targeting males then your campaign is going to be a massive flop.

What does Facebook do better than other social networks?

Facebook actually has a huge amount to offer in terms of real world gains, and as mentioned earlier the targeting tool integrated holds huge value in terms of reaching the right people. With this tool you are not limited to who you focus your campaign on, and you can actually target hundreds of different aspects that are infinitely useful. With Facebook you can target campaigns on people based on their job industry, their children’s age, their travel habits, their religion and much more. The value this represents for niche industries is incomprehensible. Facebook is also very effective at raising brand awareness, as with a Facebook advertising campaign you can reach such a wide range of people almost instantly.

What this represents is huge ROI potential. The ability to target users so specifically brings to the table the ability to ensure that only users that would be interested in your product will see the advert. This reduces the cost, as less people see it, but drives the conversion rate up and creates more leads than nearly any other social medium. Facebook has the biggest impact on the behaviour of consumers when compared to any other social network, and that is what makes it so valuable. If you get the targeting right, then you are guaranteed to get the right people visiting your website, and the right people are the ones that convert into purchases.

Facebook’s targeting tool.

With this targeting tool you can also go in the exact opposite direction. You could go for little targeting and get your campaign seen by as many people as possible. This could be useful for you and your business, but it truly falls down to your goals; do you want exposure or conversion? Setting very general targets on your campaign mean that more people will see it, but a high percentage of those people may completely ignore it and not be interested. Less people will click through, and of those clicks less will convert. This means you will get less return on investment, and your campaign will cost more but you get more value in terms of brand visibility than you would with a niche, targeted campaign.

The ability to target specific interests means that Facebook also caters to both B2B and B2C markets. You can separate these markets based on a number of aspects within the targeting tool, so as far as effectiveness in general goes Facebook takes the cake in terms of general campaign success. That is an overview of what Facebook offers in terms of who you can target with your campaigns. Doing this well could well mean massive gains and a mass of new lead generation, but on the other hand if you do this wrong then your whole campaign could flop. That, however, is the sensitive nature of social marketing, and if you want to be successful in your social marketing you need to be sure that you do everything right, and with every minute of your campaign creation you need to be thinking about your end goal.

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