Infographics - What Do They Offer?

Posted by Netmatters
13th July 2015

Why Are Infographics Useful?

Infographics are a great way to condense a lot of information into a small space, and they offer a way to visualise information that may normally be ignored if written in a paragraph. Infographics are a great tool, and they represent a share in the market of content consumption that continuously keeps growing over time. People are drawn towards visualised content rather than plain text based content, and when you compare an infographic to a paragraph of information then research shows that those who read the infographic retain much more information than those that read plain, text based content.

Infographics are also a great way to drive your brand awareness, and there is a huge difference between showing and telling. Infographics actually offer both, and combining these two things makes it a very effective communication tool when used correctly. If you combine text, graphics and photos into an effective infographic then you could see as much as a 48% increase in viewer ship from your target audience. Also people are more likely to interact with an infographic, and they provide great social currency.

Why are they so effective?

Consumers are becoming more and more tech savvy, and consumers want to consume information and media as quickly as possible. With this change in general consumer behaviour it is of paramount importance that you change the way that you push your media with the trends of your target audience. Infographics are becoming more and more effective simply because they both show and tell you the content in a way that can be easily skim and scanned, with consumers often being pushed for time no one wants to sit and read a 1000 word article when they could take the same information in from a small infographic.

Infographics also benefit SEO, with infographics being viral in nature due to the fact that a good infographic makes a lot of people link to your site. Google will index your website due to the fact that it has more external links, and the Page Rank algorithm rewards you for having a natural buzz about your brand. If you put yourself in a position where you are an expert in your market then your infographics can push you even further, with infographics that offer relevant, precise information being incredibly valuable in terms of creating both brand authority and brand awareness.

Infographics on your site can drive visitor retention and making your visitors stick around for a bit longer, and raising user retention will actually drive SEO. Google rewards those that retain their traffic for longer and using an infographic on your home page can and will increase the user retention hugely. This drive in user retention not only raises your ranks on Google, but it also creates interest in your brand. If a user is drawn into an infographic then you will find that they are more likely to navigate around your site.

How do I use them?

Infographics are more complicated than you might think, and how you create an infographic can mean the difference between it being completely effective, to completely ineffective. An infographic needs to be presented very well, with particular focus on how easy the information actually is to take in. When you create an infographic then you should always remember how difficult it is to fit all of that information into one, very small place. The problem with infographics is that this can go wrong, and if you condense all of that information too much and feature an infographic that is essentially an article changed with a picture behind it then you will find that you are not doing as well as others who present the same information effectively.

Infographics ideally need to be created by a person who has some advanced knowledge of how your target audience consume media, and not all infographics are effective. There are many free tools out there to help you with your media goals consumption goals, with many actually being free to use. When you use a tool you may find that you can create an effective infographic in under an hour, so really by not having infographics on your site or social media you are ignoring the changes in marketing which are so important.

Online services offer a free infographics creator that you can try out first, and based on how many services you need to create or how many infographics you require then you will find that most of the websites out there offer a least a free trial of this kind if you are unsure whether or not you wish to pay for a service for creating infographics.

The Reach

Infographics have the potential to drive your brand worldwide and this is a huge advantage for marketers with an online store but little actual custom to go with it. If you create a digital marketing model and include infographic then the chances are you will see a significant spike in traffic over time.

Everyone can understand what a universal sign means, and infographics for general matters will be very effective. You need to make sure that your infographic is completely understandable to someone that has no knowledge of the topic before you wrote it, so think about this when make an infographic for a market that has to stand out market or stand out. Also note that digital marketing costs only a fraction of the cost of normal marketing, and with trends like infographics on the rise then it is difficult to see why business would not update their marketing efforts to become profitable. 

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