How Effective is Mobile Marketing?

Posted by Netmatters
16th July 2015

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing in its most basic form involves communicating with customers on a mobile device either to send a marketing message, introduce them to a new audience based campaign, or to allow them to visit a new mobile website. Mobile marketing in the past few years has prolifically been viewed as the marketing strategy of the future, however that time is now and if you are missing out on a mobile strategy today then you are missing out on a huge chunk of the global market. There are now more mobile users than desktop users, with these mobile users spending more and more time on their mobile devices, and this trend can only been seen to rise further in the foreseeable future.

How Does It Work?

Mobile marketing consists largely of adverts that appear on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The formatting of these adverts varies hugely depending on where the advert appears, with social networking platforms, mobile apps, and other websites often offering their own unique and tailored mobile advert solutions that coincide with the appearance of their site or application.

Why Is It Different To Normal Marketing Solutions?

This is a good question, and the one thing you should know is that mobile marketing is quite arguably the closest you can get to the consumer. There is no other device that is as personal, as persuasive and provides as much proximity as the mobile phone. If you are struggling to get to understand and leverage a consumers path to purchase then this route would be incredibly helpful, with mobile devices having the potential to be the biggest enabler ever experienced in digital marketing history.

Mobile devices have the power to tell marketers a lot of things, and they open up the opportunity to send adverts to users when they are most likely to take up on them. For example if a user is at his home on a Saturday night and he is within delivery distance of a restaurant then mobile marketing allows you to feed this consumer an instant advert or even a coupon for them to use at a restaurant. This is a level of connection never seen before, with mobile marketing being able to connect to the right person at the right place and also, at the right time.

Why Should I Do It?

If you are not present in the ever growing world of mobile devices then you are at a significant disadvantage, and your competition who are using a mobile marketing campaign are at a sizable competitive edge compared to you. This gap will only grow with the mobile market growing exponentially year after year. The market changes constantly so as a business you must adapt as quickly as possible to stay ahead of your opposition, but for today’s market, and the market of the foreseeable future it is hugely advantageous to have a mobile campaign.

How Do I Know What Is An Effective Campaign?

Learn from your competition. Download their apps, look on their websites, and see what they are doing well. This will give you a pretty good idea of what’s working in your niche market, and give you some ideas for what to do for your mobile marketing. It will also allow you to see what’s less efficient about their campaign, and improve it in your own, with such openness to your competitor’s campaigns you should always be able to identify ways in which you can make your campaign better than theirs, and ultimately allow you the resources to beat them. You can gauge the effectiveness of your own campaign using an analytics tool, like Google Analytics for example.

Be Aware Mobile Marketing Is Not a One Time Instant Pay Off.

Mobile marketing, as with other digital marketing types, is not an instant success scheme. You may have the best mobile marketing scheme on Tuesday, but if you don’t update it at all and leave it in its current state then your campaign will go stale as such, and by the time tuesday rolls around in 3 weeks time your campaign could well now be at the bottom of the pack. With all marketing you must update your campaign regularly, as your competition will likely be doing the same. Remember your competition have as much opportunity to update their campaigns to compete with yours as you do to compete with theirs, so staying up to date is staying on top. Not updating a campaign will see the positive results of said campaign take a massive tumble, so make sure your campaign is always relevant and fresh.

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