Guest Blogging and Marketing; what about them?

Posted by Netmatters
29th July 2015

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Guest blogging holds a few key benefits that are often overlooked when thinking about how a blog can affect your brand exposure, and blogs are actually a very effective way of driving brand interaction. If you get your brand onto an established blog then it will instantly drive up your brand recognition, brand authority, visibility and following. What guest posting offers is the opportunity to go up within your own market, and by getting featured on an established blog within your sector you are gaining publicity and reaching people that may never even heard of your brand.

Although it has been proclaimed that blogging is now dead, there are still many people that follow blogs and the chances are that there is a very well established blog within your industry. Guest blogging is no longer considered a method of SEO by most, so by getting guest posted now it would appear that you are getting posted due to your excellent service rather than because you paid for it and want the publicity.

How do I get onto a guest post?

If you do a quick Google you should be able to find some established blogs within your sector that allow guest posts. Google something like “digital marketing submit a guest post” and replace the digital marketing with your industry. This should find you some well-established blogs that offer exactly what you require. Before you get into contact with this blog you have to be aware of your goals and aims. You also need to ensure that you take the right approach with your request, this way you are ensuring that you get the best return from the post.

Next you should really decide how you are going to track the progress of your campaign, for example by using Google Analytics. You need to set this up before you start your campaign into the world of guest blogging, because if you don’t you have to real way of knowing how effective it was at directing new traffic to your site. If you are running a business you should be keeping track of these statistics always anyway, and they are incredibly useful for identifying problems in your business model and improving your site conversion.

Identify now who you actually want to appeal to before your campaign, and you should only guest post on a site that has a similar target audience to your own or you will find your site not getting any extra traffic or value from the guest post due to the fact that the content is simply not related. Also you should ensure that this audience actually interacts with the blog, because if they do not then you are not going to see any effects from the posting. Create a list of suitable audience criteria and match this wherever possible.

Right, now is the time where you weigh up the options you have. Try and identify a blog that has a high page ranking and page authority, as the chances are that they get more traffic than the lower ranked ones. Install Moz as a toolbar in your browser and use it for identifying who looks the best for your goals but is also an established blog.

How should I write the post?

Now you have identified who you want to post your article to you have to reach out to them. Wait! You have to plan this first. Bloggers will likely not allow you to just post on their blogs, especially if you appear like you do not personally enjoy the blog and just want the advertisement. Try something friendly, reach out to them and tell them you like their blog and that you would love to write an article on so and so for them and try to make it obvious that you take an interest in what they post. Personalise your message to them, take the time and talk about blogging content, and your involvement in the blog world instead of railing off your GCSE’s or business credentials, bloggers simply do not care about this.

Now if you have reached out to your guest blog and they have said you can write an article for the blog then here is where it gets interesting. You have to now write the post. The first thing you want to do is check the blogs guidelines and rules, because if you write an article then realise it breaks nearly all of the guidelines then you are back at the start. After you have done this and start writing the article it is of paramount importance that you appeal to the customer and provide them with a valuable information source instead of selling your products. Make your post easy to engage with and you will reap the benefits. Easy to engage with posts will stand out over the competition and will allow you a head start here.

Ensure your content is totally original and do not take inspiration from any other posts. You should ideally write your article in a dark room with no internet and have everything come to your head to completely skew any chances of duplicating content. Also you should keep the formatting of your posts in line with the other posts on the site. Include links to both the side you are writing and external links to your site or maybe even other sites. This makes the post look more genuine and will increase engagement, which is the thing you want to gain. This is why you are going to put a call to action within your post, anything that encourages engagement with the post.

The one place where you want to be promotional is in your bio. Here is your main opportunity to drive traffic to your site and reap the benefits of this promotional opportunity. If you can stand out and draw attention to your content then it may attract users to click on that link through to your website. You should include links to your social media here.

That’s about it, after this you’ve done it! But you haven’t quite finished yet. This is where you will be tracking all of your analytics and statistics to see how effective your campaign has been. You need to ensure that you do this, because it will put into context whether or not the campaign has changed anything with the behaviour of your sites traffic. You need to be honest as to whether the effort and time you just put into creating the post has actually translated into real world, viable results. If it hasn’t you should face the facts and admit that it is not time effective and does not reward the effort you put into the campaign. 

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