Google Plus Design Overhaul

Posted by Netmatters
18th November 2015

Google recently announced that its social network, Google Plus is getting a complete design overhaul to make it more user friendly. This is presumably to combat the decline of the social networks use over the last few months, with Google Plus being unable to keep up with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

The new update adheres to Google’s material design theme that has been the focus for a while now, with clean and logical aesthetics and navigation being an important feature in the update. Google have stated that their new release will put communities and collections at the center, which should allow Google Plus users to discover what they love much more easily than they could have done before.

What Made Google Want to Update Google Plus?

Google has stated that they have listened to a lot of user feedback and implemented this into the new version of Google Plus. Google has separated some of the more popular sections of Google Plus (such as hangouts and photos) which made many believe that Google was giving up on the social network, but it appears that the exact opposite is happening. Google is changing the direction of Google Plus because it wants to be competitive with Facebook and Twitter.

The change will also allow Google to better target hard-core fans through their ad service due to their advert targeting being more efficient. This is a massive bonus for Google, as it will allow them to sell their advertisements to audiences with a level of relevancy not before experienced.

What Does The Update Mean For Us?

The update means that maybe we should give Google Plus another chance. Many have completely given up on Google Plus, but after a quick review it looks like Google Plus has the potential to be a hugely useful tool for both business and personal growth. The focus around communities and collections means that you will easily be able to identify those who have common interests to yourself, as well being a resource tool to discover support should there be something you need help with.

Google Plus looks clean and logical, with the foundations there to really rival social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It all depends on personal taste when it comes to who will use Google Plus, as it seems much more targeted towards those who use android devices. That said the new app looks clean on IOS also, and certainly does not lack out on any features. I would recommend that you give Google Plus one more try, as it has certainly surprised me. The future for Google Plus may not be as bleak as it first seemed.

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