Google Panda Update/Integration?

Netmatters Ltd
Posted by Netmatters Ltd
14th January 2016

Over the past weekend we have been noting some ranking changes for ourselves and our clients, and there has been much speculation and expectation of a Penguin algorithm update to be made early in the New Year. The changes that have been made have been causing a lot of attention, but it now appears that the update was nothing to do with Google Penguin after all.

The update was actually regarding the Panda algorithm, which was created in 2011 to combat spammy sites and their ability to rank highly without providing quality content. Panda has now become an actual part of the core search algorithm rather than an extra filter that was placed in after the actual core algorithm had done its job in ranking the search. This is good and bad, and it shows that Google is placing more and more emphasis on the quality of a sites content.

What Does This Mean For Me?

This update/integration of Panda in the core search algorithm can affect the rankings of your website, and for this reason it is important that you monitor your website’s search rankings over the coming weeks. At the current moment it can be hard to identify whether or not Panda is the true cause for search ranking changes, as it has only just began with the roll out and it’s best to let the situation stabilise before you attempt to address any issues you think you might have. Chances are, any changes in rankings may have absolutely nothing to do with any update named after an animal.

Due to the fact that the update is focused on quality, if there is a change with the search rankings of your site the best way to address it might be to try and identify any poor quality content that might reside on your site. If you can identify any poor quality content then it is important that you do not remove it, and it will be much better for you to recreate that content and make it high quality. Google recognises that not all content on a website can be perfect, so some low quality content is okay. A good website is a website that has a majority of high quality content.

What Do We Think Of The New Update?

The new update takes a step towards a better Google Search and we are in favour of the changes Google is making. This update will make it easier for high quality websites to rank higher in the search results, and we are all in favour of a higher quality internet. The work that we focus on for our own brands, and our clients revolves around high quality content, so this update should only be a boost in results.

What Is Difference Between A Panda And A Penguin Update?

Google Panda focuses on penalising sites that have low quality content, or are just in general a low quality website. Google Penguin is designed to penalise and bring down websites that break Google’s Webmaster guidelines and use black hat SEO techniques to try and manipulate the algorithms to rank higher up on the search engines. The general idea behind both algorithms sounds very similar, and both aim to get the high quality sites and content at the top of search results but both approach the matter in a different way. Panda focuses on on-page content, and Penguin focuses primarily on backlinks to your website.

Do You Need To Be Worried?

If you focus on high quality content throughout your site, and regularly maintain the site to ensure that it is always working then there is no reason to worry about this update. If you do notice that your rankings drop slightly, going through your content and recreating any lower quality content should be a quick fix to gain back some spaces. Google’s focus on quality has only began, so if you are worried about if the content on your website is not of a high enough quality to slip by un-penalised in Google’s new update then it is time for you to create some more quality content. 

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