Google Panda Refresh Update, Will It Affect You?

Posted by Netmatters
25th June 2015

What is this update?

Googles new panda update could possibly be much more than you think. This new update saw a change in the core search algorithm that google use for their search engine. Google supposedly does this all the time; however this time was different as we saw tangible differences in the way that Google treats information rich websites, such as news sites and magazine sites.

Doing some brief research into the web traffic of such websites will denote that this update has actually caused some significant changes. SearchMetrics reports a whopping 134% increase in keyword visibility in google! This is a huge change, although this figure may not be completely accurate. This could be caused by the trends update, which may well be much better equipped at assessing news worthy content.

Within our own portfolio of clients, we have seen clear and definitive improvements on sites which have a strong focus on the creation of rich, unique content. The inclusion of such functionality into sites is incredibly important, and we continue to advocate the inclusion of such into sites which, at the moment are not strong in this area. During the past few weeks we have noticed a plethora of traffic visiting our clients’ websites with keywords that we have not seen before, but have been optimised to increase traffic at an earlier date. Main categories of sites that we noted have benefitted from improved SEO visibility include:

  • News Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Reviews
  • Unique blogs
  • Generally sites with up to date content
  • Niche industry news

The “Quality” side of things

Googles new update also makes changes to how websites rank based entirely upon the quality of said site. Google have not disclosed how this quality is assessed but it is assumed widely that it is simply a change in the weight of the factors google disclosed in the April of 2011 panda update.


How it affects you

If the update has affected how your website has ranked on Google then there is some good news, due to the real time element of the update, if you have been impacted then any changes you make immediately take place. This means that you can essentially “recover” from anything that has been changed almost immediately, allowing that you make the right alterations.

This is both good and bad, as this also means that you can be affected once again by any changes you make instantly also. It is also incredibly important that Google is solely trying to eliminate low quality content, like spammy content manipulating SEO to rank highly in the search engine. If your site does take a hit from the update, then this could show some room for improvement on your website. You have to also consider that innocent, quality websites that do not practise farming in any way have also been hit, and it is possible that your site could be one of these casualties too.

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