Google I/O - 2014

Posted by Netmatters
26th June 2014
Google I/O - 2014
Google I/O Keynote - 2014

Google's I/O 2014 Keynote shows the direction the company is taking in terms of technology and provide great insight to what business can do to evolve and adapt to leverage these great new opportunities.

Software: Possibly in an effort to give handset manufacturers a chance to incorporate the updates into their devices in the run-up to Christmas, Google announced their latest Android and Chrome OS improvements.

Cars: In order to rival Apple's CarPlay, Google has been paying particular attention to in-car connectivity with Android Auto. This announcement comes as no surprise after Google's clear intent to penetrate the market by launching its Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) back in January this year.

TV's: Google's latest attempt at gaining a share of the 'Living Room' market comes in the form of Android TV. A completely fresh approach separates Android TV from Google's less-successful previous attempts.

Watches: Using an LG G watch, Google demonstrates their wearable technology. As well as providing a voice-command-link with other paired devices such as Android TV and Android Auto, Android Wear looks to make the most of the industry's current focus on health through built-in step counters and heart monitoring apps.

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