Google Analytics - How to Grant User Access

Posted by Netmatters
2nd March 2015

I’ve set up Google Analytics, How Do I Manage Users?

When you’re running a business website it is useful for all of your team, or any outside help to have access to your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool, and if you need to add anyone to your Google Analytics account it can be a little difficult to find out where to add users. This article will show you how to add users to your Google Analytics account, and how to manage their permissions.

Level of Access

Firstly before we show you how to add a user to your Google Analytics account, we are going to talk about the permissions you can assign to each user. When you created your Google Analytics you created an account, and then within that account, you create profiles for each of the different sites you wish to manage. When you add users for your Google Analytics account you can add them at either profile level, which will allow them access to the one single site that is attached to that profile, or at account level which will allow them access to all of the profiles in your account.

I Have Logged Into Analytics, Now Where Do I Go?

1.) Log into your Google Analytics account. If you have logged into your Google Analytics account you should see something like this:

Google Analytics dashboard

2.) The steps from here on are the same for both; from the reporting tab, navigate to the admin tab. This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Google Analytics admin tab

3.) Here is where you will find the section to manage user permissions. You will need to navigate for the appropriate section labelled "user management" for whichever permission you wish to grant. Account is account permissions, and property is profile permissions. Navigating to the user management for either option will take you to a page that looks like this:

Google Analytics user management screen

4.) Here is where you add the user permissions. What you will need to do is enter the email address for the account you want to add access for in the "add permissions for" section, and then you need to select the individual level of permissions. This is done with the drop down that says “read & analyse”. The dropdown box looks like this:

Adding permissions on Google Analytics

5.) You can see that there are four options, and each of them is important for the level of access that you grant to the user. Select the correct level of permissions for the account that you are adding, and select the tick box of “notify this user by email” if you wish to do so. After this click add and you are done.

Now the user that you just entered will have access to your Google Analytics profile, or account. It is mostly good practise to leave the “manage users” permission unticked, as there is no need for another user to have access to this function if they are not the account holder. Now you have added a user, or users to your account you can enjoy the benefits of multiple users having access to your analytics account, and now multiple users can make use of the data that Google provides at the same time.

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