Facebook's New "Verified" Tick for Businesses

Posted by Netmatters
8th October 2015

Business pages on Facebook can now be checked to display a verified mark next to them when they have a physical address.

The Facebook announced it’s new “local business verification” system which allows small businesses to gain the infamous “verified tick” next to their Facebook page. The verification process has become available to all those in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand with other countries bound to be getting the feature very soon.

Having a verified tick might not seem like such a big thing, but due to the fact that it is seen to be “hard to obtain” it empowers you to become more of a thought leader. If a consumer sees a business page that is verified, and a business page that is not then they will add more value to the content of the verified page, amounting to an instant win. It will allow you to build more trust to your consumers, who psychologically will trust your brand more instantly, even if it is for a simple black tick next to your companies name on a Facebook page.

The verification process is very simple and it requires very little work, in essence all you need to do is enter your companies phone number, country and language and you are pretty much set. Facebook will call the phone number of your business and give you the verification code for your account and, after that you’re verified.

Due to the ease of the process it is easy to see that it will be widely adapted quickly, but not doing it will mean that you are being left behind in a world where social media means so much to your consumers. Our advice is to get your Facebook page verified as quickly as possible. 

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