Facebook At Work; What's It All About?

Posted by Netmatters
26th October 2015

What is Facebook at Work?

Facebook at Work is a new tool created by Facebook that is designed to be a business productivity driver, which aims to close the thought that Facebook has no place within a business. It is an almost identical version of the normal version of Facebook, but this time it has a different colour scheme. That however is not all that is different of course, the new tool will be able to be used a tool to connect all of the employees of a business. When information is shared on the work section of Facebook, it will be hidden to anyone that is not an employee of the company that the employees are registered under.

What Benefits Does This Hold?

This tool will be able to function as well as a collaborative tool as Google docs; providing it is done right. Facebook’s new tool is all about improving efficiency within the workplace, aiming to easily empower instant communication between employees. This will eliminate the need to communicate via email, which can be slow and time consuming. It should also allow the easy sharing of files to the entire base of employees, due to the fact that only a company’s employees can see posts made from each other’s work accounts this should be a massive selling point for the new business social networking tool.

What Potential Problems are there?

There are a few potential problems with this tool, with the main problem being the privacy factor. Many companies will not trust Facebook with their sensitive information and data, with Facebook already having a less than perfect record for data security. A problem also resides in the location of Facebook’s servers in this regard, with the US servers that data could be held on being subject to access by the authorities. This will no doubt be a concern for businesses elsewhere who want to begin using this tool as a daily business driver.

Also there is a lot of stigma around Facebook within the workplace, with many businesses completely banning the social network within the workplace already. This tool is aiming to bridge that gap however, with the hopes being to prove that Facebook does have a place within a business, being more valuable than a simple entertainment tool.

How will Facebook Earn their Money from This Tool?

There has been much speculation about the pricing method that will be used for this tool, with many bets being on a subscription model for businesses above a certain size. The document collaboration service however, similar to Google Drive and Microsoft Office Online will be completely free to all, which represents a huge driving factor for businesses to sign up for the service as soon as possible. Facebook has stated that there will be no advertisements on this platform, so it is suspected that a subscription model will be introduced that is based on a company size basis, with businesses under a certain size expected to be able to use the service free.

Where is Facebook Really Going with This Tool?

Facebook’s dive into the enterprise industry has been surprising in some regards and many do not see Facebook as a tool that can be used within a business. With Cloud technology advancing at a rapid rate the market for tools like this is getting bigger and bigger, with Facebook appearing to want to get a part of that market. Only time will tell if this tool is effective and successful, but Facebook certainly do have some unique selling points for this service. Nearly everyone knows how to use Facebook, so the aspect of familiarity will certainly hold them in a good position to be successful, if they can get around the worries about trust and security.  

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