Email Triggering; What is it and Why Use it?

Posted by Netmatters
10th August 2015

What is event triggering?

Event triggering is the marketing strategy of using data on a user to send them an email at the right time, or after an event that has been programmed into the system has been completed. An example of this sort of event might be where a user signs up for a website, and this then triggers a welcoming email. These sorts of emails are automated, and research shows that they drive consumer interaction and engagement.

Event triggering is very effective, and it’s cheap. Most companies however do not use this marketing technique, because of the fact that companies are so engaged in their current campaign they do not think about investing into another marketing method, even though the benefits are obvious and instant. While it may be true that it is time intensive to set up the criteria to get event triggered emails working, you have to remember when it is done then it is done. Event triggered emails could never hope to be done manually by staff, as this would take huge amounts of time and be incredibly resource intensive.

What uses does event triggering have?

The benefits of event triggering are so wide and broad that it is difficult to understand why companies wouldn’t use it. Event triggering can be helpful in so many ways, with the different methods of usage for it being nearly endless. Event triggering makes your users feel more valued, with welcome messages, reminders of deals, notifications about their profile and more. This sends the message that they are an important member of your company’s community. Also event triggering has the opportunity to increase security, with the option for example to send an email to a user if their account gets logged into by a new device, a password gets changed, an email recovery is attempted and more.

Triggering leads to better response from your users, but how? Well with event triggering you can set up a huge array of different events that trigger an email, and this is an exciting opportunity to become very, very relevant to your consumers. You can program event triggering to perform a task after almost any set of criteria is achieved, so for example if you see that someone was promoted on a  social network for example, you could create a criteria that emails this user congratulating them on this, after however long you want. This opens up a whole new world of engagement, and with event triggering you are much more likely to have a longer conversation with your consumers.

Triggers  humanise your automated emails, and to consumers that’s very significant. It allows for a personal connection to be established to your brand, and event triggering can trigger emotions within a consumer. This makes prospecting much more readily available, and a consumer is going to be much more likely to make a purchase from you if they feel like they have a personal connection with your brand.

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