Email marketing; List Management

Posted by Netmatters
10th August 2015

What is list management?

List management is the maintenance of all the email addresses that you send your newsletters or offers to regularly. What it is, in its most basic form, is ensuring that the list of emails that you send your emails to is well groomed and updated often, to ensure you don’t get too many bounced emails and that those who have requested to be unsubscribed from your email list actually get taken off. If a user requests to be unsubscribed from a list, and then they receive another email and do not get taken off of the list then it is likely that they will complain, report you as spam and in some cases even report you to their ISP.

If you get reported for spam too many times, or don’t take people off of your list then it is likely that you will get blacklisted. Being blacklisted is essentially the most destructive thing that can happen for your email campaign and it cuts off your opportunity to email marketing to sometimes as much as 60% of all email addresses, depending which blacklist you get placed on.

If you are purchasing email lists from the internet then the chances are you are going to get a lot of void email addresses, and email addresses of those that are not interested in your campaign. Ideally you want to be getting your emails from capturing them directly off of your website with a capture form, or actually putting a “subscribe to our newsletter” section on your website. These will have a much higher conversion rate than that of a list that is simply bought off of the internet.

How do I manage my list?

How you manage your list depends entirely on which email service you are using. If you are using a service like MailChimp for your email campaigns then you can insert a link in your email which, when clicked will instantly remove a subscriber from your list and then notify you as to who unsubscribes. MailChimp also removes emails that hard bounce and those that soft bounce will attempt to resend over the course of three days.

Some other clients do a similar thing, although not all do so it is important that you check whether your specific email marketing tool does. If you run your own campaigns and design your own emails from your own domain then you will need to do this yourself. Not providing an unsubscribe link alone in a newsletter can get you flagged as spam, and ignorance towards this can and will get your entire email server blacklisted.

Running your own system like this will require maintenance, and you should always ensure that you implement personalisation within your emails to increase consumer interaction and engagement. Also ensure that if you merge or update any lists that you do not allow duplicate emails to appear within the database as this will cause duplicate emails to be sent which may get your emails flagged as spam.

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