Digital Marketing Trends; why is it important to keep up to date?

Posted by Netmatters
29th July 2015

What is meant by Digital Marketing Trends?

Digital Marketing is a tricky business, and the things that digital marketing agencies and freelancers have to do to stay on top in this ever evolving section of business is forever advancing into different strategies and different approaches very often. Due to the fact that Google updates its core search algorithm often and the fact that consumers are changing rapidly, going down less linear purchase paths combines to create a challenging field of work.

Marketers are working faster than ever before just to keep up with the preferences of digital audiences, and there is a multitude of tools which have been developed for marketers and advertisers to engage with on the internet.

What are some of the common trends of this year?

A lot of the most common trends this year come from stringent and constant analysis and evaluation of what a customer likes to see or read. Marketers now are changing the ways the spread the word of their products, with blatant advertisements that obviously exist only for you to buy a product losing traction in this day and age. Below are a few trends that seem to be blowing up as of late:

  • Video and Image based marketing – content does not always have to be in text form, and just because you have heard the saying that “content is king” it does not necessitate for all of that content to be in written text form. You also have to bear in mind that not all demographics will appreciate photos and videos, so evaluate your target audience and judge whether you think they’d be more media centric. You should be able to come to a fairly quick conclusion as to whether photo and video marketing would work for you.
  • Native advertisements – Native adverts are constantly gaining more and more traction. These advertisements are meant to emulate the look and feel of the app or website that they are posted on. They are normally in the form of articles, videos and infographics, with the main aim to entertain and enlighten readers without chucking any blatant marketing in their face. They often talk about topics that are closely related to what the company sells; however they do not intend to show that it is an advert. This sort of marketing gains trust, and consumers like to have the choice, and a native advert capitalises on this by not promoting their brand in it.
  • Personalisation – making an advert appear personal is a very good way to gain trust, and one of the best ways to focus on your customers and their experiences with your brand is to make it personal. This personalisation should be completely multiplatform, and the importance of a seamless, fluid customer experience regardless of platform is a must for all types of marketing from mobile to email.

This is not universal

These types of marketing are just a couple of the popular trends that have been observed this year, and as stated earlier on not all of these will apply for you. You must take the most appropriate experience for your own customers demographic, everyone has a different target audience and before you start implementing trends it is key that you understand who your target audience is, and the demographics of this group before you start implementing any new trends.

Just because that energy drink company down the road made a video advert of a sky dive and its audience received it well and it was effective, does not mean In any way that your hearing aid company can do the exact same thing and receive the same response, in fact this is on the far other end of the spectrum. The message here is one size definitely does not fit all.

How relevant are these trends?

The trends I have mentioned are a couple of the trends that are doing well at the time of writing this article, and trends change regularly. If you on the path of wondering which direction you should go with your marketing then only take real notice of information wrote recently, in the past 2 months is ideal.

Whenever you read this article the basic aspects are still the same, you need to create interesting content that your following base, and those who have never heard of your brand before, can relate to. Ideally you want to create content that anyone can tap into and make into a larger movement or trend. This is how the brands of today are ruling the internet. It taps into basic human behaviour; everyone wants to do something to contribute into a larger cause, because people like to feel like they have made a change.

Is there a quick way to campaign success with trends?

The short answer is no, unless you come out with a truly unique campaign that has not been seen before and captures the attention of many. A successful campaign needs a lot of exposure. Brands are now seeking more unique, high quality content, and if this is driven by someone who knows how to grab the attention of your target audience then your campaign will be much more successful. Consumers don’t want to have broadcast content crammed into their brains, consumers want to experience an advert and feel like it isn’t an advert. If your consumer can see your campaign, feel like it is relevant and engaging then you are already a lot further than most of the people who have tried to drive a campaign before you.

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