Content Marketing; Why Do You Need Content?

Posted by Netmatters
23rd October 2015

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to rank highly within Google's search engine results pages.

For this reason, Google looks at how often your website is updated with fresh content, and in general the more the better. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg, and in general, it’s awful practice to write for Google. Content marketing is unique simply because you should be creating content with the only intention being engaging your audience with it. If you can create a lot of content, then maybe your site will rank higher in Google, but if that traffic is not interested in that content it will leave just as quickly as it came.

Content marketing should instead be about communicating a valuable point to an audience, in such a way that makes them want to return to your website and interact with your brand. Content marketing’s SERP ranking increases should be seen as an added extra to the consumer interaction, and the main reason you are creating content is simply to engage your consumers in the best way possible, whether that be to entertain, inform or persuade.

You need content because, without it, you will not get any traffic at all. Content is the entire reason that you have consumers in the first place, so it is important to ensure that the content you post is as engaging as possible. At first, it might be hard to get the grasp of what drives consumer interaction, and it can be good to learn through experience and experiment. Identify what you would look for if you were a consumer, create content based on that then look at the data of it. This is a vital step in the learning curve.

Tablet showing notes for online content marketting
What Can I Do To Create Good Content?
Creating good content relies heavily on your ability to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. If you truly understand who you’re trying to appeal to then the rest will occur naturally, driven by your understanding of said audience’s interest. Another point to note is that if you are not actually promoting your content in the first place then it is not going to be seen by anybody. 
The problem with this is, the likely hood of your content going far organically is not high because your social authority is likely to be low if you have not been creating content for long. A lot of the success in content creation is based on trust, so even if your content is the best quality possible, if people do not trust your brand then you are less likely to gain interaction. This can only be earned over time, so if you have just started do not lose hope yet. You should also not be trying to actively promote your own products or services in your content, and try to remain as neutral as possible when creating content. This will make you more trustworthy to those who read your content, no one likes having outwardly obvious product advertisement in the content they are reading for intellectual or entertainment purposes.
What Does Content Marketing Actually Achieve From a Business Perspective?
Content marketing achieves customer loyalty and engagement, which are arguably the most sought after things in the business world. Good content can really change a consumer’s perspective of a brand, and it is completely possible that, given you provide good content, that you can build an entire community from your content. Users that regularly read your content, and then engage with you in comments, and engage with each other in the comments would be examples of this.
Do I Actually Need Content Marketing?
The simple answer is yes. Content is the medium of communication that you use to interact with your consumers, so without it your business is doomed from the start. Whatever your company is, you will benefit from engaging with your audience through content, whatever the topic or goal of that content. Humanise your brand and start creating content if you don’t already, and you might find the benefits are bigger than you first thought.

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