B2B Vs B2C Social Marketing

Posted by Netmatters
29th July 2015

Business to business vs business to consumer social media; what’s the difference?

Business to business and business to consumer are two very different markets. They have different goals, different interests, and different attitudes so you’d be making an error if you tried to market to both in the same way. The good news is that consumers are much more likely to be using social media to view products than businesses are, with businesses opting to go directly to a website if they are looking at more information on a product, although this is not always the case.

The main difference in how you market to these two parties derives from the way that both make a decision to buy a product or service, with businesses using their head making cold, logical decisions based around how it can benefit them in a way which will allow their business to expand. Consumers make that decision with their hearts, allowing emotions and relatable, comedic content to get the better of them when deciding whether to purchase a product or not.

Naturally from what has been stated above you will now know that how you approach your social media marketing should depend on which one of these parties you are looking to appeal to, and in the case that it is one, and not the other is social networking always the best route to go down? Well social media is not something you should just give up on if you are marketing towards businesses, as businesses also use social networks to advertise their products and view other products. If you are marketing towards businesses only then you should take your social marketing in a different direction.

How do I approach social marketing towards businesses?

If your product is business orientated, and something that a consumer would not normally buy then social marketing is still effective, you just have to be smart about the way you do it. Businesses like to read professional content, and if you are marketing towards businesses but doing so by posting comedic content then generally you are not going to see a major difference made by the social platforms.

When appealing to a business you should never be posting content that is not related to the market you are in. Content posted should always be in some way related to your market, and must take a professional stance. Marketing to businesses is a skill, and to do it effectively you will need to remember that the people you want to appeal to are people like yourself. Think about how a product would appeal to you from a business standpoint, and keep in mind that it should be focused around functionality and how it can benefit a business rather than consumer based social marketing, which might be based on creating a link to a direct person emotionally or through posting content that makes them laugh. When marketing to businesses on social media your aim is to get them to enquire personally about your product.

How do I approach Social Marketing towards consumers?

When you market towards consumers you have to get on their right side, and also remember that you are communicating with a person who is on a social network for entertainment in their free time rather than a business who may use social mediums to find a product or service. No consumer is going to go on a social network, see a business orientated, informational advert and feel obliged to click through to a link or read more or interact with your brand.

With consumer marketing your main goal is to get your target audience to interact with your posts, and ultimately increase brand engagement. Post things that aren’t actually advertising your product, post valuable entertaining content and it will increase the level of trust consumers have in your brand. Consumers appreciate when they don’t get openly slapped in the face by adverts telling you to “buy it now or the world will end” or words to that effect, and that approach won’t get you far in the social marketing world.

If you engage with your customers, drive creative campaigns and create a sense of emotion with your campaign then chances are you could go far with social marketing. Post pictures and create valuable, unique video campaigns to go with your posts and you will find that your brand awareness goes through the roof. You create one social campaign that goes viral and thousands of people will see your brand who have not heard of it before, and this creates a buzz about your brand, all shared freely by consumers.

What’s the end goal?

The goals of your social campaign may not seem as obvious as you think, and neither consumer nor business social marketing should aim to bag instant sales, instead both should attempt to create brand awareness and spread the name of your brand, but in very different ways. Consumer marketing on social networks should aim to spread like wildfire, creating a viral campaign is pure gold for brand awareness.

Goals towards a business social marketing campaign are to spread awareness and generate leads for relationships with other businesses. Success for these sorts of campaigns are sometimes measured in traffic, because if you spark the interest of a business then it is likely they will visit your website to see more information about your products. 

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