Posted by Netmatters
10th August 2015

B2B Vs B2C PPC, Why is it different?

B2B and B2C are different in almost every way, and PPC (pay per click) is no different. The basic ideologies behind the differences are the same also, and the way that each party decides to come to a purchase is the main reason for the differences between the two. It’s all about time and implementation. The way that businesses purchase a product is different, and while the reason may be strikingly obvious to most it is not actually as simple as you might think.

The time involved before coming to a conclusive decision about whether the product in question is viable affects everything massively. Imagine if every single person in the world thought about buying a product for months before they took the plunge and clicked buy? That would be tragic. That is the difference, the time, the reasons, the thought process.

Now the question is how does this all affect one specific area in digital marketing; PPC. PPC is in a unique situation, as it works differently for consumers to businesses. Consumers might see an AdSense advert for their search term (we will say that is “black shoes” for this example), click on that advert and get taken to a page which inexplicably has black shoes on it. From here the decision is made within a few minutes to buy, they look at the price, product, reviews and just go ahead and buy it, or as the case may be not buy it. If they do not buy it, or you don’t have what they are looking for then you have just wasted the cost of that click.

Here is the good news – as that consumer may have clicked on your site through that advert, taken a look around and decided they want to look elsewhere then yes, you have paid for that click. Also it may occur that they want to go back to your page and buy your black shoes because they did not find a better alternative, and it is very unlikely they will click that advert again. They would likely do a search for your site and visit it as an organic search, or even go direct to your site.

For a business the main idea is similar, they may well visit your site from a paid advert but it is unlikely that they will be visiting your site through that advert again. As a business it is likely that the will visit for information and research against other brands often, so that one single advert click has converted into many direct/organic visits to your site. PPC for business is actually an investment, all you are actually aiming for with a successful PPC campaign is to make your target audience aware of your services; it’s the brand awareness that puts you in the ranks of potential providers.

Marketing differences; How to change PPC to appeal to either one

With both you should definitely be using different keywords, and this is because you must capture buyers at all stages of the cycle. Also consumers should almost be pushed towards a sale, whereas a business should be gently guided down the steps and information. Within business PPC also remember that the person who is reading the content on your site is more than likely not the person that makes the end decision and you should use vocabulary that will assist him to sell your product to his superiors.

With the consumer side of things you make a little money from one purchase, so if you are getting hundreds of paid clicks and not many purchases then you might actually be losing all of your profit margins. With a business you may get many clicks that are paid, but one agreement/sale to a business will pay all of your advertisement clicks instantly. There is much more profit to be had within business sales.

What are some similarities?

With both B2B and B2C you need to talk fast and stand out. You are extremely limited as to how much you can show off to your target audience, and what you need to do is use words that make you appear better than your competition. Capturing an audience’s attention can be very difficult, and if you can’t do it then your PPC ads are going to be near useless for anything but brand recognition. It is difficult to grab attention with a mere 70 characters, however if you can do it then you are winning the PPC race.

Also with both you must try and identify any problems that someone may have where your product/service could rectify the issue. Ask yourself what it is that your consumers are looking for, and ask why they would want your product. If you can answer these questions then you know what to market towards, and it creates a huge surge in traffic to hit a high keyword volume, relevant keyword.

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