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Posted by Netmatters
21st July 2015

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing automation is the use of software to automate repetitive tasks and digital marketing automation was designed to make marketing a lot easier. Marketing teams or part time employees heavily benefit from marketing automation, as it allows them to specify a certain criteria and outcome for a task, which then gets stored by a database for use. After it is stored, if that criteria or task is set off then software executes the command you've set, meaning you do not have to pay employees to do the same tasks over and over again and it also reduces the chance of human error hugely, as long as the automation is set up correctly. 

Marketing automation has been used for years in the form of software inserting names and addresses from a database onto letters and emails, the difference with modern day marketing automation is the fact that nowadays marketing automation is “real time” and also the fact that companies have vastly more data than they used to.

A great example of marketing automation is where a user logs into a website to see that their personal preferences and geographical location are used to dynamically display targeted content. As a business owner, this may not seem much of a priority to you, but this level of personalisation provides a greater experience to the end user and is far more likely to instigate a positive relationship between them and your business.

Why should I Adopt Digital Marketing Automation?

There are a few reasons why any company would begin to use marketing automation, and it can be widely beneficial to all companies who use marketing both digitally and normally to spread the word about their brand. A few reasons a company would use marketing automation are:

  • Personalisation – as stated above, automation helps tailor the experience to a specific user. This creates a more inviting experience, and will up the conversion rates due to fact that the experience is more relevant to the exact user. A great example of personalisation automation is with email marketing personalisation
  • Consistency – unifying all of your marketing communications and methods within one central location allows you to keep your brand identification to a constant. It is always better if your brand has one tone throughout the entirety of its reach.
  • Efficiency – using an automated service is vastly more efficient. Automation of a process that is normally manual is always an advantage, as it cuts down labour and creates a more streamlined process stream. Cutting down on labour cuts down on costs, and this is always an advantage.
  • Content Generation – automation allows you to aim content towards a customer that meets their very requirements and demands. The content you share with customers through this must always be high quality, enjoyable and relevant. You do not want the content you share through automation to appear spammy. Automation offers one of the best methods to boost your content marketing campaigns, as you can schedule content to go live when you want it to.
  • Achieving optimal marketing patterns – automation in marketing opens up the opportunity to figuring out the optimal time to send content to customers that gets the best interaction from them.

There are more reasons to begin using marketing automation, if you are not already.

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