5 Things You Can Do On Social Media to Appeal to Consumers

Netmatters Ltd
Posted by Netmatters Ltd
15th October 2015

Social media is one of those areas of marketing that has no clear “success” formula, and as such can be seen as an intimidating task for some marketers. Social media is a big learning curve and it can be very difficult to get into it if you have had no past experience using social networks, and it is difficult to grow your social presence. There are hundreds of social tools out there that empower you to take full advantage of social media as a marketing tool, but if you simply lack the experience with social interaction these tools will be of no help.

That said however, if you are new to social media and have taken control of the management of a profile for a business there are a few things you can do that are guaranteed to drive up engagement and interaction. Here are 5 of those very things that will help you drive up your engagement that little bit quicker:

  • Post lots of quality content out there – if you post high quality, valuable content on your social profiles then you will find that people will naturally visit your profile because they will begin to recognise you as a trusted source for interesting content. This will also encourage your consumers to share your content, which will likely get you more of a following if the content is interesting and high quality.
  • Visual content is the key to success – nowadays you almost need to use visual content to stand out to your consumers. Text just isn’t appealing anymore, and visual content is truly the key to engagement. Add images to your posts, or create videos which make you stand out from your competitors to gain more interaction.
  • Appeal to your audience emotionally – emotions are another great way to drive engagement from your consumers. If you can appeal to the emotional side of a consumer, or make them feel like they are connected to your brand in anyway then you will find your engagement and interaction shoots up. Using emotions also makes your brand seem more human, which has the benefit of increasing the chance that a consumer has of becoming emotionally connected to your brand.
  • Converse with your consumer’s – social media is not only for sharing content, that’s the media side of things. The social side of things comes from you actually interacting with your audience. Sometimes it is better to take a step back, stop with the content and start engaging with your audience’s content and asking questions that incite engagement.
  • Be sure to treat every social network different – every social network is different, so it’s very important for you to understand this. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” social marketing plan, so learn each social network individually, and never treat them all the same.

So there we go. There are a few things you can do that will be almost guaranteed to drive engagement and interaction from your user base. Now, a few things to think about are what sort of market you are in. If you are in a niche market then it is sometimes difficult to gain the engagement you yearn to experience. If all else fails with your social media, sometimes it can be better to just be yourself. Sometimes trying to keep your language consistent to your brand image is difficult, and if this doesn’t cause your consumers to engage then be yourself. It will add real personality to your companies social media profiles. 

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