30 Day Refund Now Guaranteed for Faulty Goods.

Posted by Netmatters
1st October 2015

New consumer protection laws come into force under the Consumer Rights Act.

For the first time ever there is now an addition to the Consumer Rights Policy that protects consumers from being miss-sold items of dubious quality, broken items, and being sold items which do not do their advertised job for 30 days. This comes as a welcome addition to digital media consumers across the UK, as games and online services have been miss-sold for years and companies are often quick to deny a refund or an exchange.

The act replaces 12 previous laws including the sale of goods act in 1979, and the supply of goods act 1982. Under the new act, both businesses and consumers have clear cut rights and responsibilities respectively, and these include the following:

1) The right for digital consumers to get a refund if a film, game, song, e-book or any other form of digital media is “faulty”. Currently this stands as a very vague point, and how you can claim that a piece of digital media is “faulty” is not yet clear.

2) Consumers are now able to reasonably challenge any hidden charges or unfair conditions in the terms and conditions of an agreement.

3) Consumers are now entitled to at least a partial refund if the product has been replaced by a faulty replacement already, even if the 30 day grace period is over. This mitigates the inconvenience of having multiple, unsuccessful repairs done.

4) If a consumer should deem that a service is not to the advertised standards, or if the service is not functional then consumers have the right to demand the software or service is revisited, and should that fail is entitled at least to a sizable discount.

What does it mean for you?

This new act, in general, makes your rights easier to understand. Now, anything you purchase, whether that is a washing machine or a new album on an online store, is covered by the same laws. This is a step towards empowering consumers with confidence. If a consumer knows their fair laws they will go out and shop with the knowledge that they are covered fairly by a complete policy that is designed to assist anyone who gets a faulty, or below quality product. Also, from a business standpoint it simplifies things a lot, now there is less to worry about because the guidelines have been clearly defined and there will be no more unruly regulations.

This also means that the British courts will be able to hear US style court cases where a person, or small group of people commit a court case on a company whilst representing a much bigger group of people. In short, it will make it much easier for a consumer, or a business to claim compensation from firms with fixed prices and below quality products. It will force fair post purchase customer service, and should make our consumers positions as a buyer much more stable due to the new found protection from miss-sold products or services.

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